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The Bridge Camp – the perfect way to spend your summer holidays

The Bridge Camp – the perfect way to spend your summer holidays

Do you want to give your child a lot of fun, interesting activities, and games, during which they will learn something new? Then we have the right offer for you!

A playful summer with English awaits your children from 7 to 12 years of age at The Bridge. We have been preparing this adventurous camp full of English language fun for the third year in a row, and children can fully immerse themselves in meaningful activities, games, and experiential learning.

Interesting activities and a lot of fun

The Bridge Camp is a day camp that your children can take part in either in person or online. They will meet not only their peers, but especially English, in which they will also learn to play.

But there is no need to worry, there is no tutoring. Our team of instructors from around the world has prepared an entertaining program for your children full of creative activities and adventures, thanks to which learning will only add value to unforgettable experiences. And all in English.

I can play in English

In the form of games and natural children’s conversations, children will learn new words within one week, which they will also easily learn and remember. This time spent immersed in English in the company of foreign tutors will help your child to speak and communicate in English more easily. In short, they get used to speaking English completely naturally!

Entertainment with English right in the centre of Bratislava

If you are from Bratislava and the surrounding area, we have great news for you. Our daily summer camps can be joined by your children right here, in beautiful spaces in the heart of Old Town. However, we also think that the summer holidays must be spent outside as well, so we appropriately complement the time spent indoors.

Up to 45 hours of experience

In one week, the children, together with our teachers, will spend from 35 to 45 hours immersed in English in a tailor-made entertainment program and, in addition to new experiences, they will also bring a lot of new knowledge home. We split up the all-day program, full of activities for children from 7 to 12 years, at suitable intervals with breaks for rest and refreshments. Every day, time will fly as your children enjoy themselves. Book a place for your child now!

Do you live further away? Try the online version!

If you live far away or, for various reasons, do not want to make your way to the centre of Bratislava every day, try the online version of our successful summer camp.

Children’s courses have been running online with us for the third year in a row and, thanks to positive feedback from our parents, we are constantly making sure that this form is as effective and efficient as it is full-time. Daily summer online camps are held in small groups (6-8 children) and are flexible in terms of time and space – children can get involved wherever they are, just an internet connection is required.

Price for 1 week for The Bridge Camp online is 99 €.

Can’t catch up? Try the PREMIUM package version!

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If you have any questions or want to find out about teaching your children, we will be happy to help you at any time. Contact us by e-mail at kurzy@thebridge.sk, call us at 0948 104 916, or sign up for our consultation.