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The Language School for Mastering your English.

An EAQUALS accredited English language centre recognized for its excellence in language education.

Located in Bratislava, we are a specialist English language training centre providing high quality, professional English language courses for students with a variety of needs and goals.

We are active members of national and international professional organisations and regard such cooperation, in tandem with a process of continual quality improvement, as the key driver behind our high-quality educational institution.  Having become the first language centre in Slovakia to become accredited by EAQUALS in 2020, we are now  internationally recognised for our excellence in language education.

 The centre was established in 2009 and Klaudia, our founder and CEO, was also a founding member of both the Slovak Chamber of English Language Teachers and the Slovak Association of Language Schools. She is currently chairwoman of the former and was chairwoman of the latter from 2011 to 2016.

 Klaudia is passionate about teacher training and has established and runs professional development projects such as the and the Bridge Re-boot Camp for teachers. Her passion and professional interest are in effective learning strategies, which she understands is a broad and complex topic. Klaudia believes that ultimately there is no one ‘correct’ teaching or learning method; in fact, it is an eclectic and holistic approach that delivers the most effective teaching and learning outcomes.


Mgr. Klaudia Bednárová

Corporate training

Mgr. Klaudia Bednárová
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Public courses

We teach live online & offline, general as well as professional English language courses.
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Corporate training

Our language training programmes will empower your employees and prove to be a profitable investment.
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The Bridge team

We are proud of our students' achievements and take great satisfaction in a job well done!


I am responsible for our international project whether it is an Erasmus+ project or our in-house projects in teacher training or CSR activities. I´m the one that runs the show.


I am responsible for our recruitment and on-boarding; I manage all our HR processes. Our people are our foundations, our main asset. It is my responsibility to develop and to take care of our human capital.


Director of studies

I lead our team of teachers and I’m responsible for our quality management. I believe a healthy team spirit is an important element in job satisfaction and professional development.


Customer care manager

I manage courses for the general public. I aim to find or design a course for each one of our students to meet their needs and to help them achieve their goals.


Corporate customer care manager

I’m a corporate customer care manager responsible for monitoring student satisfaction and reporting their progress to HR managers.


Finance and accounting manager

I’m responsible for our book-keeping and financial reports. I enjoy keeping order in all our invoicing, reports and bills.


Student care manager

I take care of our corporate and public students, I am always happy to help and advise them. My job is to make them feel comfortable on the course and move forward.



My one and only task it to stir and direct the energy and great work of my colleagues to achieve the goals we aim for. I’m glad to be working with people I respect as professionals and appreciate as friends.

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Our projects

We do our best not just to maintain, but to enhance the motivation of our students. We will provide you with ample opportunities to practice and master your English.

Bridge club

Through adaptations of Slovak theatre classics, we attempt to develop our students’ interest in our culture, bring them closer to the staples of Slovak literature and, at the same time, improve their language skills.


Through adaptations of Slovak theatre classics, we attempt to develop our students’ interest in our culture, bring them closer to the staples of Slovak literature and, at the same time, improve their language skills.

ELT Forum

Eltforum is an international conference organised in cooperation with a special interest group of IATEFL - LAMSIG. It is a two-day event for English language teachers that offers a range of interesting workshops and plenary sessions delivered by respected ELT professionals from all around the world.

Re-boot Camp

Our teacher training programme takes a holistic approach to professional development. With yoga, vegetarian food and interesting workshops lead by professional teacher-trainers from around the world, re-boot camp charges our teachers with energy and motivation for each new academic year.
The Bridge 10 years Anniversary

Teaching successful people for over 10 years.

Our courses are designed to reflect your needs. We want you to master your English and achieve your goals.