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Free online consultation

Use your time efficiently and consult by phone / online.

The consultation normally lasts 20-30 minutes and includes:

  • analysis of student needs
  • language audit – finding out the level of mastering language skills (online testing TrackTest)
  • an overview of current study options
    (due to the situation with COV-19, teaching takes place only online)
  • brief advice on effective learning

Why is a demonstration class not enough?

As the lecturer does not know by default at what language levels and with what needs students come, his training is necessarily general. He has no room to adapt to your needs, so you know little about his abilities. You also usually don’t know anything about what you need to improve on.

Especially in the online space, it is important that the lecturer really knows what he is doing. It has a much smaller space to perceive the atmosphere of students and notice your reactions. Inexperienced lecturers are wasting your time.

The advantage of learning with a quality lecturer is higher efficiency of the invested time. Similar to fitness training with a trainer – if you know exactly what and how to do, the results will come quickly.

Don’t look for a miracle method. Does not exist. Initial diagnostics, an Individual approach and a lot of energy are important. If you want to persevere, it’s important that you enjoy learning.


Arrange a consultation and learn English effectively.

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