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Greg Fabian

He managed to have three professional careers in his life. An actor, a lawyer and a human rights lecturer. He calls himself  a somewhat atypical American immigrant, because all of…

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Luis Patrocinio

He could have been a movie star in Brazil, but he chose a different path. He could have been a famous, but very stressed out, actor in São Paulo, now…

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Mazvita from Zimbabwe

Came here for one year, stayed for more than eleven. And still counting. She was born in Zimbabwe, studied in South Africa and now she lives in Bratislava and works…

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Alison Orton

She loves beer and turned her passion into a field of study. While majoring in history at the university in Chicago, she decided to follow her heart, and beer, to…

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Talal Ali

If you ever need a vascular surgeon, he´s your guy. He´s had an incredible, not only medical, journey so far and you wouldn´t believe he´s only 40 years old. Coming…

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