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English for Companies

Investing in employee training offers genuine returns. High-caliber, impactful language training doesn't just enhance communication; it also elevates overall workplace morale. Studies and our hands-on experience attest that thoughtfully crafted language instruction can yield returns multiple times its cost.

What to Expect at The Bridge School

The Bridge is not just a school, we are a company. We know what's essential for a company to do well. In education, it is important not only to teach well but also to motivate students to participate actively, and to continuously monitor the quality of lessons and students' progress. In our learning ecosystem, you will find all these elements.
Dedicated support for HR managers/clients plus 24/7 online assistance through our administrative system. Initial & progress online assessments: Gauge student development using TrackTest. Customized learning pathways: we analyze student needs and adjust learning plans and objectives accordingly. Quality assurance in teaching: we consistently monitor teaching quality and student attendance, integral factors in our internal tutor evaluations.
Eight-Step Teaching Blueprint
At The Bridge, we boast an international cadre of elite professionals, all certified to teach English as a foreign language. Our rigorous in-house tutor assessment aligns with the exacting standards of the Cambridge English Teaching Framework. Furthermore, our tutors are constantly refining their expertise through our distinctive training program, guided by internationally recognized language learning mentors.
Our teachers
The Bridge stands as the inaugural and, to date, the sole language school in Slovakia accredited by EQUALS, a prestigious association of language teaching institutions. Our pedagogical approach hinges on a communicative method with an emphasis on student-centric learning. Even within our group courses, we champion individualized attention. For corporate partners, we start our collaboration by providing a thorough language assessment, followed by meticulous tailoring of the curriculum to meet the client's specific requirements.

You Recognize your Desires, and we Understand your Needs

We'll customize your English lessons to align precisely with your objectives, ensuring they cater to the goals you aspire to reach. Our diverse teaching modes encompass both individual and group sessions, available online and in-person.

Enhancing Presentation Skills in English

Wondering how to captivate your audience and articulate your ideas clearly and effectively? Join us to master these skills.

Mastering Coaching Techniques in English

Strong communication skills are crucial for business success. Our program teaches you effective coaching techniques, culminating in the prestigious EMCC international certification.

Legal and Professional English Courses

Refined language skills, an extensive vocabulary, and mastery of professional or legal jargon are essential for success. Our courses are designed to elevate your proficiency in these areas.

Courses Crafted in Partnership with the Best

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What Sets The Bridge Apart?

While we don't claim miracles, we do emphasize that mastering a foreign language isn't an off-the-shelf service – it's not akin to getting a haircut or a massage. At The Bridge, we offer an internationally accredited environment, spearheaded by a team of passionate professionals with a wealth of experience. Yet, it's ultimately up to your employees to embark on the learning journey. We pledge to be their steadfast guides every step of the way.

In-Depth Language Assessment

At our language school, we conduct a thorough assessment of your employees’ language skills using the TrackTest.eu online platform. This process involves understanding both the students’ needs and the employer’s objectives. We craft a tailored proposal that includes study plans, selection of tutors, and pricing details. Additionally, we conduct a trial lesson to ensure a good match between the tutor and the students. To gauge student expectations and satisfaction, we conduct an online survey.

Goal Setting and Sustained Motivation

From the outset, our tutors engage with students to understand their personal motivations. While setting clear learning goals and plans is fundamental, maintaining student engagement and perseverance is equally vital. Our tutors excel in this aspect. For over five years, we’ve been monitoring class attendance, which reflects our school’s focus and also serves as a key metric for evaluating our tutors’ effectiveness.


Tracking Instruction and Student Progress

Our lecturers adhere to accredited syllabi and meticulously document each lesson in our administration system. Students receive individualized feedback regularly, ensuring a personalized learning experience. Progress is objectively tracked using the TrackTest.eu platform, with comprehensive reports and assessments provided to clients at the end of the course. Upon completion, students are eligible to receive internationally recognized certificates.

“Dear Prospective Partners,

For over 14 years, we’ve been offering top-notch English lessons in Bratislava, catering to learners of all proficiency levels. In August 2020, we were honored to become the first — and to date, the only — language school in Slovakia to earn the esteemed EAQUALS international accreditation. This recognition by a reputable international non-profit organization stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality language education.

Our expertise isn’t merely limited to language instruction; we have a profound understanding of employee training. We invest heavily in the continuous professional development of our lecturers, believing it’s a cornerstone of our mission, especially in a corporate context. The results our students — your employees — achieve are directly attributable to this commitment. Moreover, before presenting any methodologies or practices to you, our valued clients, we first test their efficacy on our own team, ensuring that what we offer is truly the best.

Personally, my passion extends beyond just teaching English. I’m driven by the creation of holistic learning ecosystems within enterprises, evaluating the return on learning investments, and understanding how they contribute to the overall growth of an organization. Discovering innovative strategies for skill and knowledge acquisition isn’t just my profession; it’s a personal passion.

If you’re keen on optimizing learning outcomes and wish to invest judiciously in your workforce, I invite you to reach out. Whether by phone, email, or face-to-face, I eagerly anticipate our conversation.

To all our students and partners, I extend my heartfelt gratitude for placing your trust in us”.

Klaudia Bednárová

Principal of The Bridge

Fostering Partnerships for Premier Education in Slovakia

Companies where we have taught or are currently teaching English

We know from experience that you can achieve regular attendance and an improvement in your employees’ English by selecting the right course. A good course design benefits not only your employees, but your company as a whole. If you wish to get in touch, please leave us a message.

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