Language training for companies

Blended learning solutions that will help you grow your people and your business for the global world.

Both research and our experience proves importance of initial set-up of language training and thorough quality control for achieving results and your business growth.

Reasons to work with The Bridge
We support our students in active learning and empower them in their autonomy.
International team of 25 EFL teachers and consultants for communication in English.
Personalised approach and superior service is essential in order to stand out in today’s global world.

You know what you want, we know what you need.

Blended learning solutions that will help you grow your people and your business.

Presentation skills in English

Engage your audience. Present with flair and confidence.

Consultations for communication in English

Executive coaching for your professional communications.

Speaking courses and courses of professional English.

We teach both online and offline, we deliver courses to the highest standards, wherever you are.

We find a solution for you.

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Rokov na trhu
Kurzov ročne
Odučené hodiny
Comprehensive audit of your employees language skills and needs. It´s important to know where to start.
Tailor made courses reflecting your needs and goals
Sample lessons to meet and see your teacher in action. Don´t buy pig in a poke

We are a language centre which specialises in teaching English, located in Bratislava. We provide professional and high-quality English language courses for students with various goals and focuses.

We are active members of international and national professional organisations. Cooperation with the best and an ongoing process of improving quality are key elements of our high-quality educational institution.

Our centre was founded in 2009. Klaudia, our founder and CEO is also one of the founding members of the Slovak Chamber of English Language Teachers and the Slovak Association of Language Schools. She is chairwoman of the Slovak Chamber of English Language Teachers and was chairwoman of the latter from 2011 to 2016.

Klaudia is passionate about teacher training. She has established and runs projects such as and the Bridge re-boot camp for teachers. Her passion and professional interest is in effective learning strategies, which she understands is a broad and complex topic. Klaudia believes that there is ultimately no correct answer, but it is an eclectic and holistic approach that can help us to be more effective teachers and learners.


  • As far as I´m concerned, the Bridge – English Language Centre, is the best option for learning the language. I have been in many courses, but if you want to learn more just theoretical grammar, if you want to really understand, read, write and speak fluently, then the Bridge is the best option. From my perspective it has been a great investment, worth my time and money.

  • We have been cooperating with the Bridge for several years. I appreciate their attitude towards us as clients and their innovative approach to our employees as students. The progress in their English is significant. They invest into their teachers, which reflects in our language improvement. I have a great personal experience with individual classes, which help me not just to improve my English skills, but also to empower me for important presentations and meetings held in English.

  • Our company has had expectations towards the course curriculum as well as teacher skills beyond the stadard ones, however the Bridge fulfils our needs and delivers the course wee need, to our full satisfaction. I appreciate their professional communication, truly tailor made courses upon request.

Our partners

Z našich skúseností vieme, že správnym nastavením výučby dosiahnete pravidelnú dochádzku v kurzoch a angličtina vašich zamestnancov sa zlepší. Z dobre nastavenej výučby benefitujú nielen zamestnanci, ale aj vaša firma. Ak si želáte, aby sme vás kontaktovali, napíšte nám.