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Our courses

Choose an English course that suits
your needs & meets your expectations.


We offer conversation classes as well as courses focused on general, business, legal or professional English.

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Seniors (60+)

Groups are formed on common strenghts and specific needs of individual students are considered and met.

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English is a skill, which needs to be practiced, not a school subject that needs to be learned. Learn to speak and understand is the base of our courses.

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Choose a course format
that suit your needs

Residential COURSES

Intensive English courses
in Slovakia and abroad
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Part-time COURSES

Wide range of English courses
in our language centre
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Our Workshops

Intensive & short courses
with specific focus
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Individual Face-to-face

Individual tutoring with
a tailor made study plan
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Our courses

Choose an English course that suits your needs.

  • Ing. Jarmila Halgašová


    As far as I´m concerned, the Bridge – English Language Centre, is the best option for learning the language. I have been in many courses, but if you want to learn more just theoretical grammar, if you want to really understand, read, write and speak fluently, then the Bridge is the best option. From my perspective it has been a great investment, worth my time and money.

  • Ivana Molnárová


    We have been cooperating with the Bridge for several years. I appreciate their attitude towards us as clients and their innovative approach to our employees as students. The progress in their English is significant. They invest into their teachers, which reflects in our language improvement. I have a great personal experience with individual classes, which help me not just to improve my English skills, but also to empower me for important presentations and meetings held in English.

  • Eva Šimeková

    CFO, board member

    Our company has had expectations towards the course curriculum as well as teacher skills beyond the stadard ones, however the Bridge fulfils our needs and delivers the course wee need, to our full satisfaction. I appreciate their professional communication, truly tailor made courses upon request.

  • Zuzana Kaňuchová

    HR manager

    Profesia has been cooperating with the Bridge since 2009. For us, language learning at the Bridge is an excellent investment. Since our owner is an English- speaking company, our emplyees often must present their work, results and achievments in English. I should say that thanks to the professional approach of the Bridge, our employees have moved to levels where they have no problems delivering presentations, taking part in meetings etc..

3 pillars of your successful

study at the Bridge

We find out what you know, so we can  build on your strengths and develop your weaknesses

To help you choose the right course requires knowing your strenghts, weaknesses, needs, interests and goals.

To ensure objective and thorough tests we use internationally recognised online platform  TRACKTEST.EU


Real and measurable progress

Our courses use the up-to-date methods  with supervision of qualified and experienced teachers.

Professional and experienced teacher team is a key to success of our students

We pride in helping our students to be independent and confident communicators in English.

We care about our students progress and improvement as we believe it is a result of our work.



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