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Education for Teachers

Drawing from our firsthand experience, we understand the complexities and demands of the teaching profession. This is why we extend an invitation to you to become part of a professional community that sees education as a continuous journey of enrichment. Here, you will gain access to new knowledge and skills, along with the vitality, rejuvenation, and motivation needed to persevere in your teaching endeavours. Join the ranks of countless educators who have already benefitted from this opportunity

We are a school where teachers are trained and mentored.

We are an internationally accredited language centre with an exceptional system of in-house training and mentoring for our teachers. Throughout our15 years of operating, we have successfully built an esteemed team of in-house
teachers and consultants with an international profile.

Our in-house training and 
assessment system for our team of 
over 40 lecturers aligns with the 
rigorous criteria of the Cambridge 
English Teaching Framework.

We learn how to educate others from the best experts in the field.

The performance and motivation of our in-house team of teachers is not accidental. We have been nurturing them since the school’s inception. We have embraced a school philosophy developed in collaboration with globally renowned figures in what we term as humanist-oriented teaching. These experts serve as mentors, offering twice-monthly training sessions to our teachers, and providing both professional guidance and values-based orientation.

At The Bridge, we hold the conviction that the personality of a teacher is pivotal to the academic success of their students.

Our mentors

Mike Shreeve

Mike is an internationally certified coach and author of several training programmes for both teachers and students.

Judit Fehér

Judit is recognised as a leading expert in areas such as CLIL and PBL. She is a trainer and author of professional books on education.

Philip Kerr

Philip is a teacher trainer and author of professional and methodological publications and educational applications.

Sandy Millin

Sandy is an experienced trainer who trains English teachers around the world for CELTA and DELTA international qualifications.

Our courses are spearheaded by luminaries in the educational sphere.

  • We collaborate with international teacher trainers and mentors who are celebrated figures in education. They also lead our courses for teachers.
  • The curriculum is enriched with a vast array of modern, interactive, and experiential teaching methods, designed to transform learning into an engaging adventure for your students.
  • You will gain proficiency in essential 21st-century educational topics, addressing real-world issues your students encounter daily. This knowledge will equip you to guide them effectively.
  • Participants will receive comprehensive educational materials, cutting-edge digital tools, and access to information resources, enabling the seamless integration of contemporary subjects into their teaching.
  • Our courses emphasise experiential learning, allowing you to experience the role of a participant in various activities. This immersive approach will unleash your creativity, offering strategies to eliminate dullness from your lessons.
  • Beyond educational strategies, the courses are designed to inspire personal and lifestyle transformations, facilitated by the distinguished personalities leading our programmes and an enriching leisure schedule.
  • Prepare for intensive days that not only challenge you but also offer a journey back to your core strengths. You will find space for self-reflection within a supportive and empathetic community.
  • Join a community of peers in an idyllic setting, complete with opportunities for yoga, evenings by the fire, and vegetarian dining, all fostering an open environment for discussion and connection.

Courses tailored for every teacher.

We invite educators from all disciplines and school types to discover how our course topics and the skills imparted can enhance teaching across any classroom setting. Designed for teachers with an intermediate proficiency in English, our courses align perfectly with the summer holidays, offering a blend of educational enrichment and relaxation. Eligibility for funding through programmes like Erasmus+ or “Zručnosti pre trh práce” makes our offerings accessible, with various pricing packages available to match the breadth of the programme’s content.

Discover What Awaits you in Our Teacher Training Courses

  • Internationally certified teacher trainers
  • 5-day programme for groups of up to 12
  • 25 hours of interactive workshops
  • 6 hours of personalised coaching
  • One-on-one teacher consultations
  • Comprehensive study materials
  • The Bridge certification
  • Accommodation and full board in Záježová
  • Also available in Bratislava

Supporting lifelong learning of teachers for years

Our commitment extends beyond the walls of our school to champion the concept of a contemporary learning ecosystem. We actively engage with the public, businesses, and various institutions to share and promote these innovative educational ideas.

We are proud to host international conferences aimed at educators and school leaders, focusing on the latest trends in modern education. Notable events include Teaching for Tomorrow, The Teachers’ Day, ELT Forum, LAMSIG, among others.

For several years, we have been offering both in-person and online workshops and webinars for teachers. These sessions are designed to educate, motivate, inspire, and foster connections among educators dedicated to personal and professional growth.


Marianna Csongová, teacher

“The course led by Mike and Andrea has significantly enriched both my teaching career and personal life. I am profoundly thankful for the opportunity to have participated and to have met so many incredible individuals. From the engaging workshops and the excellence of the content to the activities, accommodation, and cuisine, every aspect was outstanding. The trainers’ positive and professional attitude truly set this experience apart.””

Juraj Streďanský, teacher

“Teacher training courses at The Bridge offer you the unparalleled chance to learn from leading experts in the field. Courses are enriched with practical activities grounded in applied research and decades of collective experience. For those eager to advance their careers in today’s dynamic educational landscape, The Bridge is your ideal destination! ”

Péter Medgyes, Speaker at the HLT.DIGITAL Conference 2024

“Let me thank you for inviting me to your conference. It was extremely well organised.”