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Alison Orton

She loves beer and turned her passion into a field of study. While majoring in history at the university in Chicago, she decided to follow her heart, and beer, to…

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Benefits of yoga

Yoga means “union”, the union of body, mind and soul and can have myriad benefits on the physical, mental and emotional level. All asanas, i.e. yoga poses, can affect our…

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Work/Life Balance

You spend more than a third of your productive life at work so shouldn’t that work be fulfilling, rewarding and enjoyable?  How do you find such work and which specific…

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Talal Ali

If you ever need a vascular surgeon, he´s your guy. He´s had an incredible, not only medical, journey so far and you wouldn´t believe he´s only 40 years old. Coming…

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Sami Huttunen

He was born in Sweden to Finnish immigrant parents. He currently lives with his Slovak wife in Slovakia, works as a bartender on cruise ships, and fell in love with…

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Life After B2

You’ve done it, your English is now B2 level. Congratulations! No, seriously, no sarcasm intended. It’s been hard work getting to this level and I’m sure it hasn’t always been…

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