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Summer is coming! How not to forget English in two months?

Summer is coming! How not to forget English in two months?

Holidays, relaxation, and new adventures. During the summer, not only in ourselves but also our surroundings will want to indulge in these activities. And what does this mean for us? More time not only for relaxation, but also for activities, thanks to which we will catch up with what we did not manage during the hasty school year. Summer doesn’t have to be just about lying on the beach. If you do not want your English to become rusty under the hot sun, we have prepared summer English courses for you, thanks to which you will not be idle even during the holiday period.

Something for everyone

We know that sometimes it’s just not worth falling off of the English carousel. In order for your vocabulary to stay in your head and your language locked in even during the lazy summer months, we have prepared intensive and semi-intensive English courses for you, available online and in person. During the summer holidays, you can also learn business English, or just refresh your vocabulary through an interesting course format – lessons only once a week.

Do it intensely

If you want to make the most of your free time, we recommend one of our intensive or semi-intensive courses. After all, we all know that the more free-time we have, the more idle we are. An intensive course can be an ideal springboard for you at the beginning of the school year.

“It is advisable to include an intensive language course in your programme during the summer months. Students will catch up, learn new skills, improve their English, and then run to September classes without undue delay.”

Klaudia Bednárová, director of The Bridge

These courses are excellent not only for a good start, but also in terms of motivation. Once a person starts properly on a summer course, they can easily maintain a healthy motivation throughout the next school year, and learning is happy and easier.

“Motivation is almost as essential for successful English teaching as experienced teachers.”

Klaudia Bednárová, director of The Bridge

At The Bridge, we work with experienced and certified lecturers. Intensive courses are more demanding to teach, so they are covered only by qualified professionals with extensive experience, who know exactly which areas and how to focus on students so that they get the most out of the lessons and at the same time are not too overwhelmed with unnecessary information.

If you are one of those who want to give their English a good start from September, or you just like to spend the summer as productively as possible, sign up for one of our intensive summer courses.

Want something more relaxed?

Don’t worry, we have something for you too. If you imagine lessons more similar to our regular courses, only in summer clothes, you can also try a special summer version of our favourite course; Let’s talk grammar in the mornings online. This morning online semi-intensive course is ideal for a productive start to the day and will not take you as much time as our intensive lessons. In addition, the morning is ideal for brain function and memorization, so this course is very popular. Don’t hesitate, the places are filling up fast!

If you want to enjoy the summer days as much as possible and only remember your English occasionally once a week, you also don’t have to go far. Try our Book Club, with which you will take care of summer reading.

And if you are more ambitious and want to use the summer months to expand your qualifications, we have Business English courses or preparation for the IELTS certificate for you.

So, what do you? Are you joining us? Don’t let your English get rusty over the summer! Beware, places in our summer courses are filling up fast!