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A summer full of fun and learning English: The Bridge Camp 2023

A summer full of fun and learning English: The Bridge Camp 2023

Summer at The Bridge has been full of laughter, learning and joy. Our annual summer day camp brought together over 100 children for weeks of fun and English in the heart of Bratislava’s Old Town.

Our The Bridge camp is more than just a language camp, it’s a total immersion experience in English for children ages 7 to 12. The kids got to experience a week with tutors from abroad, meet new friends and learn English in a fun and playful way. Our team of tutors, coming from different parts of the world, created a program that piqued their curiosity and eagerness to learn.

Our tutors Luis, Max and Colin, through games and conversations with the children, created an atmosphere where the children easily picked up new vocabulary and dared to communicate in English. As our tutors are from South America, Ireland and England the children communicated only in English and got used to the fact that speaking English is natural and there is no stress to make even mistakes. The growing confidence and willingness to speak in English is a testament to the success of the camp.

The success of The Bridge Camp is measured not only by the laughter and smiles of the children, but also by the good testimonials from parents. Parents appreciated the stimulating environment of the camp, the fun-filled activities and the dedicated team of tutors who showed the children that learning English is fun and there is no need to be afraid to speak.

I can see in Alicke that she has gained the confidence to speak, she throws out all sorts of phrases she picked up from Luis and overall my husband and I assessed that it had a brutal effect. For example, we had a visitor and she was very proud to show them all the crafts she and Luis had made. We will definitely be considering this camp next year and recommending it to friends 🙂
Lucia, mother of 7 year old Alice

Kristina and her friends enjoyed the camp very much. I was worried about how they would manage a week with only a foreign teacher, but it turned out that they not only enjoyed it, but also their fear of speaking fell off and they gained the desire to learn English. Thank you and we are looking forward to the courses starting in September.
Tanya, mother of 10 year old Kristinka

Thank you to the children, parents, our wonderful tutor team and our clever coordinator Alex for making this a successful third year of The Bridge Camp.

With each passing year, The Bridge Camp is gaining more supporters, cementing its reputation as a place where fun and learning intertwine and leaving children with not only fond memories but also valuable language skills.

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