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An online course for teenagers for whom school English is not enough and who want to master the language properly. It is important for them to be able to write and speak properly and to prepare for their GCSEs in advance.
Colin Kelly


11 weeks
11 x 90 min


Tuesday 16:45-18:15


group lessons online Zoom

Number of students

6-8 students


Overview of available dates

Selecting a specific course is done at point of purchase


16:45-18:15 (CET)
1. term
26.09.2023 - 12.12.2023
2. term
09.01.2024 - 19.03.2024
3. term
26.03.2024 - 11.06.2024

About course

The TEENS online course is based on the experience of teaching motivated young learners 13+ who are looking for a new approach to mastering English. We know that to keep them motivated, teaching needs to be fun, enjoyable and most importantly, have real results.

We know from experience that there is a lot of grammar in English classes in schools, so our courses focus on communication, especially speaking and practicing correct grammar in practice. In our course you will get the right habits and you will actually communicate what you want to communicate. Learning how to express yourself grammatically correctly is also an important preparation for passing the final exam. You can’t learn to speak properly in a month or two, you need to work on it in advance.

Our goal is to help you learn the English language and be able to use it correctly. With us, you can do this in a fun way in a variety of activities, games, working in pairs and groups. The course under the guidance of a foreign teacher will loosen your tongue and you will stop being afraid to “open your mouth”. Your vocabulary will improve considerably and you will gain confidence in speaking.

Who is the course for

For all young students 13+ who are learning English and need to talk and put everything they already know into practice. To expand their vocabulary, gain speed and confidence when speaking.

What you will get from this course?

  • Structured group learning process with individual approach
  • High level of interaction with the tutor and fellow students
  • Improvement and confidence in text structure and grammar
  • Expansion of vocabulary
  • Critical thinking training
  • Skill to handle even more technical written communication well
  • Peer motivation and support in a group
  • Improvement of all language skills: speaking, reading, listening, writing
  • Significant shift in reaction speed and understanding of real situations
  • Certificate of completion from an internationally accredited language school
  • Individual personal interview with the tutor at the end of the course with qualified feedback and recommendations

In 2020, we became the first language school in Slovakia to attain international accreditation from EAQUALS, and to date, we remain the only one in Slovakia with this distinction. EAQUALS serves as the guarantor of quality language education for schools in an international setting.


Experience what The Bridge has to offer

Experience European quality at The Bridge. Our school prioritizes the quality of teaching, backed by international accreditations from EAQUALS and EMCC, as well as a collaboration with TrackTest.eu. At The Bridge, you can expect an individualized approach even in group courses.

We boast an international team of highly educated professionals certified to teach English as a foreign language. Our internal assessment system for tutors aligns with the exacting standards of the Cambridge English Teaching Framework.

At The Bridge, we not only teach you English but also guide you in learning it effectively. In addition to the course, you will have access to our well-equipped library, workshops, webinars, and numerous complimentary activities designed for your benefit.


Colin Kelly

Colin was born and raised in a small village in Cavan, an agricultural region in the north midlands of Ireland. His province shares a boarder with Northern Ireland and is well known for its 365 lakes and their fishing, as well as its people, infamous in Ireland for being stingy with their money, but he’ll tell you more about that when you’re buying him a coffee!

Since graduating from university in 2015 he’s been working as an English language teacher, a job which has given him opportunities to work in places like Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, England, Spain and now Slovakia.

In his free time he loves reading, but when he´s not reading, he’s moving. He loves skateboarding, rock climbing and various forms of martial arts, as well as taking quiet strolls in nature.

Over the years of teaching, he´s learned that each student is incalculably different, even with similar social backgrounds, professions or abilities. Careful attention must be paid to each student’s strengths, weaknesses, language goals and interests. Once identified, he will aim to bring them into harmony using various teaching methodologies, content and tools.


For all our clients we provide the following services

  • Students´ learning style
  • Student needs analysis
  • Recources for self-study and library
  • Refreshments provided for face-to-face lessons on the premises

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I really like my English classes, I have new friends there and I'm not afraid to talk anymore.
11 years