We have dedicated several years to teaching foreign languages. We make it our priority to provide the most efficient tuition methods for those students who choose to improve their English in our language centre and recognize that satisfied customers make the best advertisements for our services.


Since 2017 we have been offering free workshops for the public on methods of efficient language learning. They have been attended by more than 160 people so far, including teachers and employees from other language schools who are interested in high-quality language tuition.
We know from experience that different people have different approaches to improving their language skills. Some dedicate long months to going on courses or studying books, but many others seek ways of spending the least amount of time for the maximum learning benefits. We often get requests from such people for intense, short-term English courses.


Today we can bring you some wonderful news: for the first time in Slovakia we are offering the revolutionary FUNNEL method for language learning in our centre, allowing you to learn English 5 times faster. Say goodbye to the need to purchase expensive study materials or attend language courses for months on end, or to listen to e-books constantly during your daily commute. Thanks to this method, which has been tried and tested over many years, experts say you can now progress from A1 level to C1 in just 6 months!


The first 20 students to apply can test the FUNNEL method for free! You can sign up HERE

Invitation to a workshop: How to learn English effectively

What are you doing ….2018 at …..? Nothing? Fantastic! We would like to invite you to attend our interesting workshop!
Do you want to know more about how to learn English and other languages so that you can really make use of them in your life and not just keep “going to the language school ?” Would you like to find out what it feels like to have a new language simply “poured into your head?” Is there really a magical method for learning languages?
If you answered “Yes” three times, then our language workshop “How to learn English effectively” is just the one for you ?

What can you expect?
• Practical exercises for developing the connection between hemispheres
• Personality test for profiling students
• Free language counseling

In addition you will learn:
• Interesting facts about the brain and neurolinguistics
• What you should do before you start learning
• What kind of study type you are
• Whether you need to have talent to learn new languages
• Where do you stand with your English language ability
The number of places is limited. You can reserve a place on kurzy@thebridge.sk or 0948 104 916. If you want to share the workshop with your friends, you can invite them via this Facebook event.
After the workshop there will be free language counseling during which you will find out where you stand with your English, what kind of study type you are and what platforms are available to study English for free.
Don`t forget! See you ……2018 at …. in ……. on Bastova in Bratislava.
The Bridge team is looking forward to seeing you.