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Podcasts in English for beginners and advanced learners, with our presenter from Radio Expres

Podcasts in English for beginners and advanced learners, with our presenter from Radio Expres

You may have already seen on our blog that you can regularly find exciting interviews with foreigners living in Slovakia under the title The Bridge on Air. They are produced by our good friend Miška Vrábová, whom you know mainly as a presenter on Radio Expres, and with whom we have prepared a short interview.

Hi Miška, can you tell us about yourself? Who is Miša?

Miša is a trained, though currently not practicing English teacher, as well as a Radio Express personality who (supposedly) has a good sense of humour 🙂

What do you like to do in your off time?

Whenever I have free time I try to do all the things I love, like anyone else. Friends, music, books, movies. But most of my time is probably dedicated to theatre, my greatest passion.  I’ve been a member of an amateur theatre company in my hometown of Prievidza since I was fifteen, and I also founded and ran our own Bridgin’ Drama English theatre for a couple of years.

You speak beautiful American English.  To what do you owe this, what helped you the most in learning English?

The biggest help for me was a 4-month study stay in the USA while I was still at university.  It was there that I broke the barrier and overcame my fear of speaking.  And then probably having an international household – when you live under the same roof with an American, a Belgian or a Bulgarian, English becomes your main language.  And that’s not even mentioning the hours spent watching movies, TV shows and reading books in English.

Why have you decided to do a podcast, what do you enjoy about it?

It was kind of natural – I love English and I love talking to people, which is also my job on the radio. So when the opportunity to combine those two things presented itself, I didn’t hesitate.  Plus, if it’s with interesting people, recording is a great joy as well as fun.

Who is your podcast for?

For everyone 🙂 For those who like to listen to interesting people from all over the world, for those who like to learn something new – either about others or about their own country, for those who want to improve their English, for those who are thinking about maybe coming to live in Slovakia, but also for those in need of a meaningful way to fill 30 minutes of their morning ritual. 🙂

Who would be your dream guest if you could choose, dead or alive?

If it didn’t have to be a foreigner living in Slovakia, I would definitely like to chat with the author Roald Dahl, whose work I admire, or with the singer Adele, because they both have an incredible sense of humour.

Do you have a favourite podcast?

Of course, I’m a huge fan of podcasts. From Good Morning by SME, through the Marakua Passion podcast, to Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard.  Podcasts are a fantastic invention – there is one for everybody 🙂

The Bridge on Air Podcasts in English with interesting foreigners living in our country.  Each podcast is accompanied by a practical worksheet on our website, which will help you learn something new from the interviews, but also improve your language every time! Till next time, folks!