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Ceri Shumack

Ceri is a Brit who is proud of his Welsh roots. He enjoys teaching English and considers it to be the next level in his career. He enjoys teaching Business,…

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Darya Bayevskaya

An inspiring teacher with a wide range of interests, you will be able to have a rich conversation with her on any topic. She has graduated from translating English and…

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Emma Wyatt

Emma is a friend we all wish we had. Chill, empathetic and deeply invested in others, with a brilliant sense of humour. She has a master’s degree in literature from…

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Juraj Streďanský

Juraj enjoys meeting all kinds of people, and having dynamic and inspiring discussions when teaching. His motto is “everyone has something to teach us, and it is our job to…

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Luis Patrocinio

A passionate teacher with all his heart and soul able to tune his students to a positive vibe even after a tough day. He has a degree in theatre studies…

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Mary Clarke

Mary je sympatická lektorka z UK, na Slovensku pôsobí od roku 2018. Je scestovaná, žila a pracovala v Holandsku, Argentíne a UK. Pracovala v rôznych sférach, napr. ako vzťahový manažér,…

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Maria Laura Cabada

Maria Laura Cabada is from Argentina. She studied English at the University of Cordoba and came to Slovakia in August 2015. In September 2017, she moved from Banská Bystrica to…

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Michala Kamhalová

Miška has been teaching English at the Bridge since 2010. In addition to her teaching duties  she has played a significant role in helping prepare the Tracktest testing tool and…

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Pilgrims Canterbury

Pilgrims is everything a traditional English language school isn't. People come to Pilgrims not just to focus on their English, but to focus on their relationship with their English: this…

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