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Luis Patrocinio

Luis Patrocinio


Luis is a passionate teacher putting all his heart and soul into it, able to tune in his students to a positive vibe even after a tough day. He has a degree in theatre studies and art, and a CELTA diploma.

He has worked as an English teacher in Brazil and Slovakia, teaching adults, teenagers, and children. Luis comes from Brazil and has Polish-Ukrainian-Portuguese-Spanish-Indian-African roots.

What he values the most about teaching is “being able to share my knowledge with my students, that is what fulfils me. Building relationships, teaching, constantly learning and growing, sharing the joy and the good with the world”.

Workshop: Voice care – how to keep your main instrument healthy

Do you take care of your voice? Do you know how to? If the answer is no, join us and learn some tricks and techniques actor and singers usually do to use this extremely important tool in a healthy way. Learn how to add more quality to your voice! If the answer is yes, join us and share your tips with the group. Sharing is caring!