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Darya Bayevskaya

Darya Bayevskaya

An inspiring teacher with a wide range of interests, you will be able to have a rich conversation with her on any topic.

She has graduated from translating English and Russian in Ukraine and later gained an MBA in the US.

Darya (Dasha) comes from Ukraine and has been a teacher at The Bridge since 2020.

What he values the most about teaching is “the opportunity to help my students and celebrate the results of their hard work.” She loves self-improvement and lifelong learning, finding it daily in her teaching job.
She started teaching while still at university. She is organised, responsible and able to establish a good rapport with her students quickly. She is multilingual and has excellent communication and problem solving skills.

The best way to relax, according to Darya, is a long walk in the woods with a good audiobook and headphones. She regularly skypes with her two chihuahuas living with her family in Ukraine.