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I thought I was going to Slovenia, revealed our teacher Ben. Now he considers Slovakia his home.

<strong>I thought I was going to Slovenia, revealed our teacher Ben. Now he considers Slovakia his home.</strong>

A language school is not just exercises and textbooks, it’s mostly experienced and qualified teachers who have already opened the door for many of our students to the world of English. And they are not only professionals in their field, but also interesting people, world travelers and unique personalities. Let´s get to know them better.

Ben is originally from the United Kingdom and was in a completely different profession before he started teaching English. Read our interview to find out why he now considers Slovakia his second home, even when his English lessons reminded him of a post-apocalyptic series.

Do you ever get homesick?

Having lived here for almost eight years now, my home is Slovakia and yes, I do miss it when I’m back in the UK!

How many years have you been teaching English?

Almost eight years, and I’ve spent all of them at The Bridge.

How did you get into The Bridge?

Actually, I thought I was going to Slovenia but it all worked out OK in the end.

What is your favourite part of your job?

I really enjoy being with the students, ideally in the classroom. They’re all adults, so when it comes to linguistics, I can go anywhere – and that often elicits a lot of laughter. Teaching is a job where you have instant feedback and you know when a lesson has gone well. That’s awesome.

What gets on your nerves the most with your students?

In the past, it was mostly the early morning conversation lessons where no one really wanted to have a conversation. I used to call them zombie lessons. But now we have stronger coffee.

What are you best and worst features?

I really like things to be done properly and efficiently;  I get really frustrated with ‚half-a-job‘.  That’s both good and bad because I expect others to have the same attitude.

What do you do in your spare time?

My real hobby is trying to be a bit more “retired” so that I have time for cycling or listening to music. And I also hope to finish watching all of the British Film Institute’s top 100 films in 2023. (But I might skip musicals.)

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