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Humanism in the Classroom: what it means in practice

Humanism in the Classroom: what it means in practice

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We’ll start in workshop mode with participants answering, for themselves, some straightforward questions about their own practices. From there we’ll move to a brief presentation about the roots of Humanism and how these influences have played out in language teaching and learning. We’ll then consider some of the obstacles to implementing a humanistic approach and ways of overcoming them. The session will continue in breakout groups with participants’ voices sharing their own ideas and intentions for their future classes, followed by a short final round-up of key points.

Speaker: Rod Bolitho

Rod has been involved in ELT for nearly 60 years, as a teacher, writer, trainer and consultant.  He is now semi-retired and concentrating on a small number of projects that are close to his heart, including HLT-Digital.   He is currently working on a book on Continuing Professional Development with co-author Amol Padwad. Over the last three years two other books, co-authored with Richard Rossner have been published: Language Education in a Changing World: Challenges and Opportunities (Multilingual Matters) and Language Sensitive Teaching and Learning (Palgrave Macmillan).  Rod enjoys walking, cooking and reading and is a lifelong Liverpool FC supporter.

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