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Debate club

Debate club

The third workshop in The Bridge’s series of four workshops for children is something that is sure to delight all chatty kids – Debate Club!

Debate Club is a suitable option for children who want to improve their communication skills or like to talk. The Debate Club will help them to do this with carefully selected thought-provoking topics that are guaranteed to spark discussion and interesting collaborations, all in English.

By discussing two groups made up of several members, children will be able to practice their reasoning and cooperation, and improve their critical thinking. The entire workshop will be facilitated by our tutor Kevin Byrne, who will explain the chosen debate topic to the children, present different perspectives, and ensure that the group discussion is engaging and fair.

We welcome all children aged 11 to 15 who enjoy debating and dare to try debating in a foreign language to this workshop. This workshop will take place on May 11 at 11 am on the Zoom platform so that children from anywhere in the country can sign up. All they will need is a computer with an internet connection and a playful guessing game.

To give the children a small taste of what’s to come, as well as to practice the vocabulary that is sure to come up in this workshop, we’ve prepared a short themed e-book for them. This will help them to get a feel for the different words and phrases they will encounter in the workshop, with playful exercises and tasks to spark their imagination.

In The Bridge for Kids series, we try to show children that English is not just a “subject to memorize” in school but also has practical applications. We aim to encourage children’s natural curiosity and desire to explore new corners of a foreign language through specially chosen workshops on topics that are close to their hearts, combining learning with playfulness and creativity.

  • For children aged 11 to 15
  • May 11, 2024, 11:00 AM – 12:00 AM
  • Online, on the Zoom platform
  • Up to 10 children
  • Teacher: Kevin Byrne

Take the opportunity to spend a funny time with great people and speak English! Registration:

Debate Club