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Visit an art gallery and enjoy your guided tour in English

Visit an art gallery and enjoy your guided tour in English

In cooperation with the Bratislava City Gallery (GMB), we cordially invite you to the exhibition of the Austrian multimedia artist Erwin Wurm. The guided tour will take place in Pálffy Palace on January 26th, 2023 from 5:00p.m – 6:00p.m. under the guidance of Vladislav Malast, in English.

The Bratislava City Gallery is proud to present this exhibition of the Australian multimedia artist’s work, the main part of which is Erwim Wurm’s best-known series; One Minute Sculptures. His exhibition collection of photographic records, cartoons, and written calls to action are complemented by sculptures, mostly from the latest Concrete/Betón series.

As a school, we consider it important that our students use English outside of our courses and include it as much as possible in their daily lives. Language is a skill that needs to be practiced. So, take the opportunity and come spend a pleasant early evening in English with the art of Ewin Wurm. Entry is free. We look forward to seeing you there.

Entry is free for students of The Bridge. Just register and come 🙂

Pozvanie do galerie na Wurma (EN)