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Emma Wyatt

Emma Wyatt

Emma is a friend we all wish we had. Chill, empathetic and deeply invested in others, with a brilliant sense of humour.

She has a master’s degree in literature from Queen Mary’s College, University of London, and a CELTA diploma from the International House London.

What he values the most about teaching is “getting to know many inspiring students and helping them get better at English”. She is talkative and enjoys meeting new people. At the same time she is also very structured and goal-oriented. Her students like her for her sense of humour and friendly nature.

Emma comes from the south west of England.

She enjoys reading, travelling, and visiting galleries and museums. Cooking and trying new recipes are her passions. However, you will not get her to go on a bike trip, as she can’t ride a bike. She will gladly go on a hike though.



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