Do you want to learn English quickly and effectively? If you do, we know how you can. In addition, if you decide to go for an international certificate, we will pay for the test on your behalf.

Take a rest – and then get the best results

To function efficiently, your brain needs to take a rest and not to be distracted by lots of different things. Even though fatigue and the ability to concentrate are factors that significantly affect the efficiency of learning, they are underestimated by many students at language schools.
Years of teaching experience has revealed that the performance of students attending Saturday morning blocks of lessons has doubled. It is because they are relaxed and particularly more focused as they are not in a hurry to be elsewhere. Moreover, all stages of learning take place during the session of four lessons, and this helps the students to remember things they have learned.

A Cambridge Certificate will open doors for you

Our weekend courses (four lessons each Saturday) are focused on general English B2 or C1 levels, or you can choose Business English instead. These three types of courses also serve as preparation for the internationally recognized Cambridge certificates:
CAE, FCE and BEC Higher. If you subscribe to all three trimesters of any of the selected courses, you will save 100 EUR and, in addition, we will pay the exam registration fee for you. And we will help you to perfectly prepare to pass – no doubt! So far, all of our students who have sat the exam have passed and have received the certificate! Certificated English courses start on October the 1st!

Book now. Do not hesitate to study with us! Looking forward to seeing you!
The Bridge team