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Learn English on the beach – no registration or fees required!

Learn English on the beach – no registration or fees required!

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For everybody that wants to improve their English, the Bridge English language centre will be delivering lessons on the banks of the Danube. For the entire summer visitors to Magio beach at Tyršovo nábrežie can practice English conversation with teachers from the Bridge.

Mgr. Klaudia Bednárová, Director of the Bridge, says: “Our goal is to show that studying English is a lot more than just practicing drilling exercises, but can also be fun . We want to create a space where learning English becomes a way of meeting interesting people and a tool for gaining new information. We avoid the traditional conversation topics you find endlessly repeated in language books. We want our conversations to be real conversations anyone can join in with to improve their ability to express themselves.”

Visitors of Magio beach will have an opportunity this summer to not only have a nice time and have a bit of fun, but also to improve their English skills.

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