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What skills do employers expect from their future employees?

What skills do employers expect from their future employees?

One job for life? It’s not like it used to be. Sooner or later, everyone will find themselves in the job market. But which skills do employers most often look for in candidates? We looked at data from the Profesia portal.

Thinking and acting independently

Almost everyone lists a responsible attitude, communication skills or independence on their CV. Subconsciously, we know that it is these so-called soft skills that employers value, if not outright seek out. According to data from the Profesia portal, they rank third to fifth in the requirements that companies expect from their future employees. However, the truth remains that finding out whether a job seeker can actually boast them is very challenging. But the top two spots were taken by slightly more tangible skills.

Experience comes first

There are jokes floating around the internet that say companies would prefer a graduate in their early twenties to join them with at least twenty years’ experience, and they are probably not far from the truth. By far the most in-demand skill remains work experience, which has seen the biggest increase since 2019. Four years ago, just under 140,000 advertisers required sufficient experience; two years later, nearly 180,000 required it. In short, no one can fool years of experience, and you can’t speed up the acquisition of it. But what can we do to impress our potential employer?

Not a step without English

The second skill that advertisers literally crave on Profesia is English language skills. The demand for it has increased by sovereignly the largest margin since 2019 after the internship, so we should not forget about improving our “English language skills” when looking for new career opportunities.

Why English?

Many companies already operate internationally, which means that many of your future colleagues may not speak any English at all, and what’s more, knowing English is a gateway to an endless amount of information that you may inevitably need in your future profession.

When TV shows are not enough

Do you feel like you can master English because you can get by on holiday abroad? Nowadays, we have a pretty good command of the spoken language thanks to foreign TV series and films that we watch in their original versions. In a business environment, however, this may not work completely. That is why fluent communication, expressing your thoughts in English concisely and accurately or writing emails in English without unnecessary grammatical errors is still a highly valued commodity on the job market.

It’s up to you

Would you like to improve your English and expand your opportunities on the job market? We would be happy if you email us at kurzy@thebridge.sk or call us on 0948 104 916. We will advise you on the right course for you, whatever your level of English.