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the Bridge re-boot camp 2018

the Bridge re-boot camp 2018

I don’t teach students
I don’t even teach course books
What I teach is me.*

Education should open minds, broaden horizons and challenge beliefs. As the world changes, we as teachers, also have to change our professional and personal skills by taking advantage of opportunities for learning/re-learning through CPD, such as The Bridge Reboot Camp which offers:

  • Workshops that make you think & open your mind
  • Morning yoga that caresses your soul and refreshes your body
  • Food that gives your body and mind a chance to regenerate
  • Beautiful natural environment and inspiring people (http://www.zajezka.sk/en)
  • Professional teacher trainers Philip Kerr & Peter Medgyes.

Becoming better teachers, however, involves reviewing and revising not only what we do in the classroom, but also how we approach life in general. It means being on top of various methodologies/technologies but also understanding how students learn in different ways. It is only when respecting these differences, treating students as human beings and allowing them to take responsibility for their learning process, that we can ensure the kind of education envisioned above.

At the same time, we must take care of our own well-being. Thus, ideally, CPD events should provide food for the ‘mind, body and soul’ so that by the end you feel relaxed, energised and able to go back to work armed with new/novel/risky ideas and, more importantly, with a willingness to try them out.

The Bridge Reboot Camp comprises a carefully thought-out programme that takes into account many of the aspects mentioned above, including yoga, meditation, fresh vegetarian food, active workshops and practical evening activities. The ‘reboot’ camp is designed to fill you with energy and creative ideas so that you are ready to kick start the new school year with renewed enthusiasm and vigour. 

Dates: 28th July – 4th August 2018
Venue: http://www.zajezka.sk/en
More info: bednarova@thebridge.sk, +421 917 596 154

*HAIKU by Rakesh Bhanot