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Satisfied students = successful students

Satisfied students = successful students

It is very important to us not only that our students are successful, but also satisfied. To that end, every year we ask them for their views on the teaching process at our school and what they think we could improve. Students’ satisfaction and their success in improving their language skills are closely related.

The crucial ingredient

In order for our students to make progress in learning English in line with their goals and expectations, it is extremely important that they maintain enough motivation to learn at all times. Only a motivated student is fully present in the classroom, paying attention, and willing to complete all the tasks assigned by the teacher.

Satisfaction leads to motivation

It is no secret that when students are motivated they achieve better results, are more positive about learning, and it doesn’t feel forced. Quite the contrary; they can enjoy every part of it and taste the fruits of their labour. And what can provide enough motivation? One’s satisfaction with the teaching process. We therefore try to listen to our students and address their feedback or requirements so that we can further improve our teaching process.

Learning from each other

Learning is a lifelong process and as our students learn, so do we. We regularly try to gather suggestions and comments from them.  We constantly strive to improve and are pleased with our students’ praise, while their criticism drives us forward. More than 25% of our new students responded to our satisfaction questionnaire throughout the year. Let’s have a look at what the results showed this year.

These results are a reward for us and a sign that our efforts to do our job properly leads to satisfied and successful students.