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OXICO: bringing textbooks and teacher training to English teachers for more than 20 years.

OXICO: bringing textbooks and teacher training to English teachers for more than 20 years.

Can you briefly introduce yourself and give an overview of your company or organisation?

Oxico has been at the forefront of the Slovak ELT materials distribution market for over 20 years. We offer teachers high-quality distribution and consultancy services. Furthermore, our seminars and conferences for foreign language teachers provide an ideal opportunity for educators to gain invaluable insights into the latest trends in ELT. Join our community and opt for Oxico for all your ELT needs.

What motivated you to attend our HLT.digial conference?          

Conferences like this provide an excellent opportunity to network with English teachers from across the country. We have prepared a huge selection of materials for them from a variety of publishers and in a variety of languages that can be found in one place. In our offer teachers will find a variety of teaching materials from Cambridge, Macmillan and National Geographic Learning for all language levels, age groups and learner needs. All three guarantee the latest and most innovative content that is presented directly to our customers. Throughout the conference, teachers can order all of our materials and resources at a 25% discount.

How do you engage with the teacher community outside of conferences?

We stay in regular contact with teachers through emails, phone calls, and smaller educational events. Our team also runs campaigns designed specifically for teachers. Whenever teachers would like to find out about new teaching materials, they can use our advisory service and contact our representatives. We offer online teacher training programs from Cambridge and various method books for English teachers to help teachers learn about the latest trends in ELT.

How do you think your company will evolve to meet the changing needs of English teachers in the future?

We are constantly monitoring the needs of teachers and adapting our range of teaching materials accordingly. We would like to continue this trend. We have and will continue to organise in-school and online seminars, teacher training and promotional presentations. We are co-organising the SCELTforum conference in June, organised by SCELT (Slovak Chamber of English Language Teachers) with great support from National Geographic Learning.

How can interested educators stay in touch with you after the conference?

Email us at: oxico@oxico.sk (sales), peter.bojo@oxico.sk (methodology and consultancy) or call +421 908 614 039

The questions were answered by Peter Bojo, ELT consultant of Oxico from Bratislava.