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Our satisfied students

Our satisfied students

August 2016 – Satisfaction survey results (which includes 58 respondents)

  • 100% of students would recommend the Bridge to their friends.
  • 90.7% of students say they have improved in English since they started attending a course at the Bridge.
  • 98.1% of students are satisfied with their teacher being responsible for their course.
  • 92.6% of students like the environment where classes take place.
  • 96.3% of students are satisfied with our services.

Words of praise encourage us, and criticism also moves us forward. It makes us happy to have students who are satisfied with us. We will do everything to make our school grow for the pleasure of both our students and teachers.

Our teachers care for you

Our teachers are qualified and their English achieves the level of native speakers. All of them are experienced teachers, and in addition to their pedagogical background, many possess expert knowledge achieved either through education or professionally (IT, law, economics, finance, and more).

We provide high-quality classes

Our teaching is based on a student-orientated approach. We focus on the needs, interests and objectives of our students to create the course’s content. We encourage our students to actively participate in the educational process and support them in achieving their goals.

Our approach is individual

We work with small groups or one-to-ones. Our classes are always tailor-made. We offer courses for groups of 4-8 participants or one-to-ones, or a combination of both.

Our style of teaching makes you achieve true and measurable progress

We are proud that we can help our students build their confidence and skills in communication in the English language. Great emphasis is put on continuous progress and the achievement of each student’s objectives.


If you are interested in our offer, we would like to invite you to join our Doors Open Days (21st  and 22nd of September 2016) and come to the Bridge language centre at Baštová 7. Visit our blog for more information about the event.

We are looking forward to meeting all of our new students for this school year 2016/2017.

The Bridge team