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Kamila Jančíková

Kamila Jančíková


Kamila Jančíková studied both English and German and has been a language teacher since then. She loves her job and enjoys interacting with people. She is a very communicative person who is curious about people´s stories. Kamila is punctual and organized but also flexible.

She is a passionate yogini (and a certified yoga instructor), a certified ayurveda lifestyle coach, and her biggest interest is what she calls the poetry of life. She writes and photographs her poetry, loves fresh and empty morning slopes, cycles around Bratislava, and lets her heart melt in theatres, concerts and galleries. Furthermore, she is a bookworm too. She enjoys travelling around Europe, solo or with friends, as well as taking care of her herbs and plants. One of her favourite activities is networking and inter-cultural exchange.

Worskhop: Creative writing

Creative writing is a wonderful way how to connect with your intuition and grab everything out of that fascinating thing called the brain. There are many ways how to boost your creativity and the only precondition is: your ACTIVITY. With a little help in the beginning, you will just sit down and write. Without any limits.

In the workshop, we will explain the basics, look at how we can use creative writing in our classes and the main part will include: your own WRITING.

And why should you attend? Because it´s fun and it opens new horizons. Playing with words, turning them upside down, linking your ideas with them and observing what is arising from this game.

Looking forward to seeing you… write.