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Judit Fehér

Judit Fehér


Judit Fehér is a freelance teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer. She has extensive teaching experience ranging from pre-school to post-graduate including many specialist areas such as business, medicine and the arts.

As a teacher trainer, Judit has worked for Pilgrims, British Study Centres and Konzervum, running courses mainly in the UK and Hungary, and also giving talks and workshops at international conferences and events. Her main interests are CLIL, PBL, materials writing, creativity and the arts.

Most of the teaching materials Judit has written target secondary students. These are textbooks, workbooks, resource books and online materials. Her other publications include Creative Resources with Bonnie Tsai (IAL, Atlanta), a chapter in Creativity in the English language classroom (British Council) and some articles on the British Council Learn English website as well as in professional magazines, such as the English Teaching Professional, Modern English Teacher, Humanising Language Teaching and The Teacher Trainer.

Workshop: Benefits of now knowing I.

We live in a culture where people often feel they can’t say they don’t know something. Schools as well typically focus on passing on what we know and are certain about to the next generation. While this is an important mission, on its own it does not foster the development of an inquisitive mind that continuously wants to find out more and find out what is true; or a creative mind that decisively needs to leave behind what is already known and what is certain to come up with something new. We need to venture into the unknown and tolerate uncertainty for that.

In these two related, yet self-contained workshops, we will explore this complex topic from a personal, an educational, a social, a linguistic, a scientific, an artistic and a literary angle through quotations, reflections, discussions and lots of activities.

Part one will mainly focus on the personal, the educational, the social and the linguistic aspects of the topic. You do not need to take part in both workshops as they are related to, but independent of each other.

Should you ask me if you will be able to take any activity from the workshop straight to your classroom next Monday … well, I don’t know.