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Andrea Záhumenská

Andrea Záhumenská


Andrea Zahumenska is currently the Director of Studies at the Bridge English Language Centre in Bratislava, Slovakia.  She has presented at a number of ELT conferences and delivered a range of external training sessions to English teachers.

Andrea holds a Trinity TESOL Diploma and has recently gained EMCC coaching accreditation. She believes that teachers can and do make a real difference to students‘ lives and that they can have a positive influence on students that resonates beyond the classroom.

She also believes that teaching is a dynamic and evolving profession and that the best teachers believe in lifelong learning and continually strive for personal development.

Workshop: Teaching vs coaching

We interact with teachers, mentors, and coaches throughout our lives, and these are the people who play the greatest roles in shaping who we are. But what is the difference between teaching, coaching, and mentoring? How can we become teachers, coaches and mentors?

In this session not only will we look for answers to these questions but you’ll also get tips to give your teaching a coaching twist.