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Klaudia answers questions for AmCham

Klaudia answers questions for AmCham

In the education sector, the shift from teacher to coach is the most exciting change. We need coaches who can motivate and guide students towards becoming autonomous learners. To bridge the gap between our educational system and the demands of the economy, we need to prioritize quality education, nurture knowledge-based ventures, promote growth in the IT industry, sustainable tourism, and green solutions.

What is the most exciting change currently influencing your sector?

The business and education worlds are moving towards a coaching approach, requiring teachers to guide and facilitate learning towards desired outcomes. Students now have access to vast knowledge, making it crucial for teachers to motivate and guide them towards autonomous learning. Psychology, sociology, and neuroscience can aid in navigating this shift. To thrive in the 21st century economy, we must prioritize lifelong learning and cognitive fitness. Being cognitively fit enables us to adapt and change without stress or decreased performance, just as physical fitness allows us to move without pain or discomfort.

What sectors have the biggest potential to shape the future of the Slovak economy?

Education is crucial for lifelong learning and cognitive fitness, essential for our economy. The current gap between education and the economy is too large, requiring skilled and innovative professionals to bridge it. Prioritizing teachers’ needs and well-being is crucial to effective education, as role models are crucial to training. HR professionals can help build effective teams and implement change. Slovakia’s economic future relies on its education system, and investing in it is crucial for innovation and growth

What should be the goals for the Slovak economy over the next ten years?

To equip our workforce with necessary cognitive skills, quality adult education businesses must be supported and held to clear standards. We must prioritize knowledge-based ventures, IT growth, sports, the arts, sustainable tourism, and green solutions for a sustainable future.

What do you appreciate the most about membership of AmCham?

AmCham provides valuable networking opportunities that foster both new and existing relationships. Its diverse range of topics and knowledge base is significant. In our fast-paced world, connecting with others, having meaningful conversations, and learning from each other is more important than ever.

What motivates you in work?

Owning my own school allows me to experiment with innovative teaching methods. Establishing an effective teacher training program has been a rewarding challenge. Having teachers who can navigate societal changes and guide students is crucial in the 21st century. While we have successfully implemented our system, we must continuously improve to keep pace. My dream is that our training methods will be adopted by others, leaving a mark on education

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