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How our language school was enriched by the Erasmus+ mobility project

How our language school was enriched by the Erasmus+ mobility project

Among the goals we set from the very beginning was a commitment to providing high-quality language education. Over time, we elevated this objective, striving to adapt language education, ensuring quality aligns with the needs and challenges of the times.

From the outset, we recognized that it all starts and ends with our teachers. This was an area where we had the autonomy to innovate, guiding it according to our own vision. Thus, the idea of innovating the pedagogical approach through the Erasmus+ program, particularly the mobility project, was conceived. This project primarily focused on motivating and training instructors in three crucial domains: leveraging the latest technologies, mastering business English, and incorporating coaching.

At The Bridge Language School, we firmly believe education is not a static process; instead, it’s an ongoing journey. Alongside our educators, we are continuously exploring novel ways to enhance our teaching methodologies, making the learning process engaging, and ensuring our clients effectively learn English.

Modern Education

The landscape of education is evolving rapidly, and language education is no exception. Especially in the wake of the pandemic, new technological advancements have been seamlessly integrated into language education. The world is embracing the digital shift, and it’s only fitting, from our standpoint, that our instructors have updated themselves to the latest versions, absorbing all the digital updates.

In line with this, we sent our tutors, Vanda and Lucy, abroad to become digital gurus in the realm of language education. The objective was to connect with fellow teachers or language tutors, sharing digital tools that can transform an English lesson into an enjoyable, interactive spectacle. Within this interactive environment, students learn new words and grasp complex grammar rules almost magically. We bid farewell to mundane textbooks, replacing them with interactive apps, online platforms, and a multitude of online games, all aligned with pedagogical goals.

Vanda participated in an Erasmus course in Florence, Italy, where interactive apps, collaborative programs, quiz creation, goal setting, and providing feedback in a digital environment were the primary focus. On the other hand, Lucy took part in a creative digital storytelling course in Split, Croatia. This course encompassed learning how to create stop-motion animations and narrate stories in an engaging and contemporary manner.

Language for Business

English has transcended being merely a language; it’s now the key to an international career. Our instructors returned with insights that can unlock numerous doors to the world of business. Given that we have experts in global trade among our teaching staff, they are more than willing to impart this knowledge to you.

Dasha pursued an English course with a specific focus on business and management. In parallel, her colleague, Tanya, delved into job shadowing in Prague. Here, she gained invaluable exposure to working directly with corporate clients at the Threshold School.

Leadership and Support

Coaching isn’t reserved for athletes; we understand it’s for anyone aspiring to reach their full potential. Hence, our tutors diligently learn how to motivate and support their students on the journey to success. We’re equipped to help you achieve your desired objectives not only in English but in life. While you’ll encounter certified coaching courses at our school, it’s equally important for us to continually grow and acquaint ourselves with professionals in this field.

Anthony, our native tutor from Scotland, underwent a course on emotional intelligence and coaching in sunny Rome. You can read about his impressions and learnings, beyond just savoring Italian pizza, in his account here.

The Erasmus+ Mobility project has also strengthened collaboration among our staff, enabling the sharing of experiences, lessons learned, and best practices. This has heightened their motivation and engagement in the teaching process, directly enhancing not only the quality of teaching but also the inevitable satisfaction of our students.

Furthermore, the Erasmus+ Mobility project reminded us that education is not just about what we offer our students; it’s equally about the constant refinement and enhancement of our teaching methods. This is a path we’re committed to, and our staff are loyal partners on this journey.