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Little actors lab

Presenting a theatre workshop for children aged 7-15, combining the joy of play and creativity with the natural acquisition of a foreign language. Your children will spend an activity-packed afternoon in a safe environment in the heart of the Old Town. They will learn and have fun with their peers and a qualified tutor who will get their English language flowing, whatever their current language level.
Luis Patrocinio


1 day


Saturday 10:00-12:00


group tuition in person

Number of students

6-16 students


Overview of available dates

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Acting workshop
01.06.2024 - 01.06.2024

About course

For the fourth and final workshop in The Bridge for Kids workshop series, we decided to do something special for the kids, on a special day! On Children’s Day, we’ll end the series of workshops at our facility with an interactive theater workshop called Little Actors Lab!

As the end of the school year approaches, it’s clear to us that the kids can’t sit still anymore. After so many months in school desks, we’re not surprised. So we’d like to get them moving before the holidays start. And what better combination of English and movement than a theater workshop?

In this workshop, we’ll first warm up with a little warm-up, both classical and linguistic – English tongue twisters. After warming up, we’ll try our hand at different plays, skits, and all the interesting things that go along with a theater course and theater! The workshop will be led by our tutor Luis, who has a lot of experience with theater.

This workshop will take place at our venue The Bridge – at 7 Baštova Street, on June 1 from 10:00 to 12:00. We would love to welcome all children aged 7 to 15 who like to speak English and try something new to this workshop.

To give the children a small taste of what’s to come, as well as to practice the vocabulary that is sure to come up in this workshop, we’ve prepared a short themed e-book for them. This will help them to get a feel for the different words and phrases they will encounter in the workshop, with playful exercises and tasks to spark their imagination.

In The Bridge for Kids series, we try to show children that English is not just a “subject to memorize” in school but also has practical applications. We aim to encourage children’s natural curiosity and desire to explore new corners of a foreign language through specially chosen workshops on topics that are close to their hearts, combining learning with playfulness and creativity.


Who is the course for

For all children from 7 to 15 years old who enjoy creating and trying something new. The workshop will be enjoyable and useful for all kids, no matter what their current level of English.

What you will get from this course?

  • Natural vocabulary expansion in a playful way
  • Better understanding of spoken English
  • Deepening the relationship with reading through stories in English
  • Ability to use the most common English expressions and idioms
  • Ability to create and collaborate in English
  • Developing creativity and fine motor skills
  • Wonderful face-to-face lessons with classmates of a similar age, full of fun
  • Developing social skills in a safe environment

In 2020, we became the first language school in Slovakia to attain international accreditation from EAQUALS, and to date, we remain the only one in Slovakia with this distinction. EAQUALS serves as the guarantor of quality language education for schools in an international setting.


Experience what The Bridge has to offer

Experience European quality at The Bridge. Our school prioritizes the quality of teaching, backed by international accreditations from EAQUALS and EMCC, as well as a collaboration with TrackTest.eu. At The Bridge, you can expect an individualized approach even in group courses.

We boast an international team of highly educated professionals certified to teach English as a foreign language. Our internal assessment system for tutors aligns with the exacting standards of the Cambridge English Teaching Framework.

At The Bridge, we not only teach you English but also guide you in learning it effectively. In addition to the course, you will have access to our well-equipped library, workshops, webinars, and numerous complimentary activities designed for your benefit.


Luis Patrocinio


Luis is a passionate teacher putting all his heart and soul into it, able to tune in his students to a positive vibe even after a tough day. He has a degree in theatre studies and art, and a CELTA diploma.

He has worked as an English teacher in Brazil and Slovakia, teaching adults, teenagers, and children. Luis comes from Brazil and has Polish-Ukrainian-Portuguese-Spanish-Indian-African roots.

What he values the most about teaching is “being able to share my knowledge with my students, that is what fulfils me. Building relationships, teaching, constantly learning and growing, sharing the joy and the good with the world”.

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  • Refreshments provided for face-to-face lessons on the premises
  • Welcome pack
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  • Certificate


1 child
  • Welcome pack
  • Complete study materials
  • Certificate
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I like the course. I have friendly and chatty classmates. The teacher is also funny and friendly.
13 years