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The Bridge English language centre specializes in English language courses. Specializing allows us to focus more on ongoing training and professional development for teachers, maintaining a quality library and the provision of quality English lessons.

Mgr. Klaudia Bednárová, Director, explains that the The Bridge English Language Centre stands for: – experienced teachers and high quality education – satisfied and successful clients – a wide range of general and specialized English courses – interesting, dynamic and student-centred lessons – modern learning options drawing from  a wide range of sources.

 Learning another language  can be a benefit in itself as well as a wise business investment. We see it as our responsibility to enable our clients to find opportunities for growth and development during our courses.

We achieve our results through the right set-up of courses, quality training, and last but not least, effective collaboration with individual clients. We understand there are no miraculous shortcuts to success. The basis for achieving results is a full understanding of the needs of our students.

If you are interested in having a free consultation to set up your language courses, or if you find your staff have not been making significant progress with your current language courses, we will be happy to advise you on alternative options.

A standard of consultation involves the following:

– needs analysis of the company

– students’ language assessment  

– evaluating efficiency of group vs individual hours

– setting goals

– an introductory sample lesson if interested

The overall content of the consultation is tailored to your needs and demands.

What students have said about the public courses in the Bridge Centre, 20 October 2017:

The Bridge offers a wide variety of courses. The Bridge helped me to choose the right course Signing up for course is easy. After signing up I got information about the first lesson. After entering the centre I was helped by the staff. I feel nice in the language centre. The content and running of the course meets my expectations. I am satisfied with the teacher leading the course. I feel motivated and I am looking forward to the next lesson

If interested in Business English, contact the Business Client Manager:

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Mgr. Klaudia Bednárová

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