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Why is it a good idea to enrol your child in a summer day camp where only English is spoken?

Why is it a good idea to enrol your child in a summer day camp where only English is spoken?

Tábory – iba zábava?

For the fifth year in a row, we have been organizing a summer day camp for children aged 7 to 12. But how is this camp different from the usual summer camps? Most camps primarily offer a week of fun and interesting activities for your child to “go wild”. This way, the kids have fun taken care of, while parents don’t have to worry about who’s watching their kids or arranging a vacation from work. Camps tend to be thematically diverse, and the wide range of activities on offer means there is a choice for even the most demanding young campers. At The Bridge, however, we believe that even a similarly themed camp can be combined with something useful—learning. And it’s so subtle that the children won’t even realize it’s happening; it will come naturally to them.

Learning vs. Play

Many kids don’t seem enthusiastic about the idea of learning. It should be noted that we don’t blame them at all. They likely associate the verb “learning” with school—long months filled with mindless memorization and repetition, as well as long days spent waiting for the bell to ring or for holidays. A time when they can let go of the school routine and fully immerse themselves in the engaging world of children’s imagination and creativity. For children, these two worlds are completely separate. But we, at The Bridge, don’t think it has to be that way. Especially for a child’s mind, such a separation is very fundamental and can lead to a black-and-white mindset. As you know, a child’s mind is anything but black and white. That’s why we strive to bring color back to learning—through activities that resonate with children’s hearts.

Learning Through Play

Our camps are led by foreign teachers who do not speak Slovak. This can be like jumping into cold water for some children at first. Slovak, a crutch they suddenly can’t rely on, forces them to step out of their comfort zone. However, our tutors help them overcome this shock with creative activities, giving them control over the situation. Each year, we also choose one foreign country at a time and build the camp program around it. The children learn a lot of interesting information and customs, giving them an extra reason to improve their English. At the beginning, communicating exclusively in English may still be slightly problematic, but a team made up of their peers and stimulating games will help them see a foreign language not as a barrier. By the end of the week, it will be completely natural for the children.

Two Locations

In previous years, our summer camp was held at our site in Old Town. However, we realize that this location is more difficult to access, especially for those of you who drive your children. So we decided to try something new this year and offer you a choice of two locations! We will start the camp at the Hojdana Maternity Centre in Ružinov. This location has several positives that are definitely worth mentioning. Hojdana is accessible for drivers, and there is a parking lot right next to it. So you can bring your children right in front of the gate, where we will be waiting for them. At the same time, the Hojdana area is located in a quiet and little-trafficked area. It is quite spacious and fenced, suitable for outdoor activities for children. There is plenty of greenery in the area, which provides pleasant shade in summer. Additionally, we want to accommodate those of you who are already used to camps on our premises, so the second half of the summer camps will take place here!

However, it is clear to us that we see the camps from one point of view, and it is important for you, the parents, to know your child’s impressions.

So, we decided to conduct a short interview with Kristinka (10), who attended our camp last year:

Last year, you attended the summer day camp at The Bridge. How did you like the camp?

I liked it a lot, and I’m glad I was there with my friends.

The instructor doesn’t speak Slovak at all. Was that a problem for you and the other kids?

It was not a problem for me, and I don’t think it was a problem for the others either. Since we couldn’t speak to the instructors in Slovak, we learned to communicate better in English. If one of us didn’t know something, we helped each other.

What did you do at the camp? What was your day like?

In the morning, we spent time learning interesting things about Ireland. Then we did crafts. After lunch, we went outside, and later, we waited for our parents. We also had different competitions, usually girls VS boys. 🏆

So, were all the activities conducted in English?


Did you learn anything new?

Yes, we learned to communicate better in English and also learned a lot of interesting things about Ireland.

What did you like about the camp, and what would you change?

What I really liked about the camp was that we went outside and had activities in English. Also, I enjoyed having ice cream on Fridays. I don’t know what I would change at all. 🍦

Will we see you again this summer?

I hope so. 🙂