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English for children (7-8 years)

The online English course for children aged 7-8 who are starting English at school will be especially fun for children. In our Kids Club they will develop all language skills - reading, speaking, writing and listening - in a playful way. In the course we use the proven CLIL method, thanks to which children learn a foreign language through topics from different areas, so they learn a lot of interesting things besides improving their English.
Luis Patrocinio


11 weeks


2x60min týždenne


group lessons online Zoom

Number of students

6-8 students


Overview of available dates

Selecting a specific course is done at point of purchase

Mondays and Wednesdays

15:30-16:30 (CET)
1. term
25.09.2023 - 13.12.2023
2. term
08.01.2024 - 20.03.2024
3. term
25.03.2024 - 17.06.2024

Tuesdays and Wednesdays

15:30-16:30 (CET)
1. term
26.09.2023 - 12.12.2023
2. term
09.01.2024 - 21.03.2024
3. term
26.03.2024 - 13.06.2024

About course

In Kids Club online courses, children aged 7-8 don’t learn English by memorising grammar and vocabulary. We believe that learning through play is much more effective, especially if the children are having fun. If we add the use of children’s natural curiosity to play, then we are guaranteed that children will learn language skills easily and with pleasure. In the course we therefore use the proven CLIL method (Content and Language Integrated Learning), in which children learn a foreign language through interesting topics from different areas – nature, technology, science. They will develop a varied vocabulary and the ability to communicate on a wide range of topics without fear of making mistakes. Lessons are dedicated to improving all language skills – reading, writing, speaking and listening.

The playful and engaging lessons will motivate children and lay the foundations for good study habits that they will use in their future learning. They will love English, which is the most important prerequisite for them to improve further. And in the lessons, thanks to the Task-based Learning method, we also lay a good foundation for the children’s ability to work in teams.

We divide the children into groups depending on their language ability and level (Beginner-Elementary). We will arrange the grouping at the first lesson, each child will be placed in a way that suits their level of the course. In this course we use CLIL World Natural & Social Sciences 2 or CLIL World Natural & Social Sciences 3 textbooks, chosen specifically to meet the needs of the level of the group by our tutors.



Who is the course for

For all children aged 7 and 8 who are still in the early stages of learning English and would like a playful approach alongside school English, with a focus on developing all language skills - reading, writing, speaking and listening.

What you will get from this course?

  • Improving all language skills: speaking, reading, listening, writing
  • Significant shift in reaction speed and understanding of real situations
  • Motivation to learn English and good habits for further studies
  • Ability not to be afraid to communicate in English
  • New knowledge on a wide range of topics
  • A varied vocabulary thanks to the CLIL/Content and Language Integrated Learning method
  • Ability to work in a team thanks to the Task-based Learning method
  • Age-appropriate, playful lessons that children will look forward to
  • A high level of interaction with the teacher and classmates of a similar age
  • Evaluation from the tutor at the end of each trimester

In 2020, we became the first language school in Slovakia to attain international accreditation from EAQUALS, and to date, we remain the only one in Slovakia with this distinction. EAQUALS serves as the guarantor of quality language education for schools in an international setting.


Experience what The Bridge has to offer

Experience European quality at The Bridge. Our school prioritizes the quality of teaching, backed by international accreditations from EAQUALS and EMCC, as well as a collaboration with TrackTest.eu. At The Bridge, you can expect an individualized approach even in group courses.

We boast an international team of highly educated professionals certified to teach English as a foreign language. Our internal assessment system for tutors aligns with the exacting standards of the Cambridge English Teaching Framework.

At The Bridge, we not only teach you English but also guide you in learning it effectively. In addition to the course, you will have access to our well-equipped library, workshops, webinars, and numerous complimentary activities designed for your benefit.


Luis Patrocinio

A passionate teacher with all his heart and soul able to tune his students to a positive vibe even after a tough day.

He has a degree in theatre studies and art. He has worked as a Cambridge-certified English teacher in Brazil and Slovakia, teaching adults, teenagers and children.

Luis comes from Brazil and has been a teacher at The Bridge since 2020.

What he values the most about teaching is “being able to share my knowledge with my students, that is what fulfills me. Building relationships, teaching, constantly learning and growing, sharing the joy and the good with the world”.

He has Polish-Ukrainian-Portuguese-Spanish-Indian-African roots. Loves nature and singing, which he has trained under Jeanie LoVetri and has a range of 3.5 octaves.


For all our clients we provide the following services

  • Students´ learning style
  • Student needs analysis
  • Recources for self-study and library
  • Refreshments provided for face-to-face lessons on the premises

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Our classes are fun, we are not bored and it's not like at school. We talk, we play, we even draw sometimes, and that's how we learn.
Maťko & Kubko
9 years