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Work/Life Balance

Work/Life Balance

Does work pressure stop you from enjoying your time with family and friends?

Do you feel like your work is standing between you and your quality time?

Do you often feel tired or depressed?

We are a team of people devoted to our work and in our language school the teachers are freelance, both factors create plenty of situations where we run into personal/work priority dilemmas. In my session I will share with you our strategies and tips to finding a balance. We´ll talk about our needs, priorities, and, last but not least, self-management.

In the final part of my workshop, we will discuss and share tips on how to achieve balance between the productivity of us/individuals vs the company. I believe that companies need to take care of individuals and their comfort in order to maintain their performance level and hence the growth of a company. Would you agree?

The session will cover:

  • What are the main principles of a Work/Life Balance
  • How to set your individual goals
  • Some tips to help achieve W/L Balance
  • What the implementation of W/L Balance should look like

Register now for our workshop and start working towards a positive approach on life and work.

Work life balance