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FRANCISCO: Bratislava has everything I needed in the city!

FRANCISCO: Bratislava has everything I needed in the city!

[:sk]English language teacher Francisco Oceguera (1976) was born in California to Mexican parents. He received his CELTA certificate in Prague but decided to take up a job in Bratislava. Teaching for THE BRIDGE helped him to learn a lot about himself. He’s still single and looking for the right one!

Why did you decide to leave California?

After living in one particular place I needed new horizons. I was born and raised in the Golden State, went to University there and lived in all three major cities. It was time for a change. For some months I taught in Mexico and held some short courses while traveling in Asia. My Cambridge CELTA certificate was issued in Prague, where I had to teach practice classes.

How did you find the job in Bratislava?

I landed my teaching job in Slovakia in a very roundabout way. I decided not to accept an offer in China and the Bridge had a very attractive offer posted online just at the right time. One phone call to the director and couple of interviews later, and I was on a plane to Bratislava.

Were your expectations fulfilled?

Being here has exceeded my expectations because I had none to begin with! I knew very little about the history and culture of this city and country. The spirit of wonder is still with me when I go out there to teach, it’s great. For me teaching is a process, a real work in progress that is never finished. I’ve learned so much about myself by working for this school, it’s hard to describe. Every one of my students is unique and everyday brings new challenges.

What do you like about working for the Bridge?

The Bridge is a remarkable place to work. As a Slovak owned and operated schools in the country, it’s got a special character. My colleagues are amazing people from all walks of life, all are highly qualified and professional and we support each other in our work. The school’s location and atmosphere are also unbeatable.

How did you find the country?

Slovakia is such a diverse land, there’s so much to see and explore and because I love nature, I couldn’t ask for more. Bratislava in particular has everything I needed in a city and none of the problems of a major urban center. One doesn’t have to go far to find art, bookstores, restaurants, cafes, and lots of leisure activities. There is good transportation and it’s quite safe, which I cannot say of many big cities back in the US.

And women?

Yeah, I am still single and looking for the right one. A beautiful, intelligent, hard working and very loving woman. This is not much to ask of a millionaire is it? I can’t say I’m looking for someone in particular because all women here have qualities that I really admire such as family values, a strong work ethic and natural beauty. I must admit that I do have a weakness for women who wear glasses, it emphasizes their intelligence, it’s so attractive.[:]