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Bridgin‘ Drama

We bring English Theatre Culture in Bratislava

Shakespeare, Shaw or Greene … Chalupka, Stodola or Tajovský. Classical or modern. British, Russian, Slovak, French, … Whether you are a National Theatre goer or small alternative scene fan, we have great news for you.

The Bridge introduces Bridgin‘ Drama, stage masterpieces in English language for all whose life without theatre is a dull “tragedy” :-D. Just like for us.

Let´s launch and enjoy together the stage culture in English in Bratislava!

Come and join us for the première of Slovak classical author, Ivan Bukovčan, already on 28 February 2020. Let´s launch and enjoy together the stage culture in English in Bratislava!

Yours, Klaudia Bednárová

Invitation to the première

Bridgin‘ Drama presents: A LOOP FOR TWO (or Not Another Original Slovak Homemade Gibbet)

Love and egoism. Truth and corruption. Subtile line between courage and fear. Fear.

Some periods call for some fear. Yet it seems that the fear of the corrupted world runs deeper and, each time, has the same path. Moreover, fear has the potential to send a righteous man to the attic, in the sand, or on woman’s arms. To escape the corrupted world.

Slovak classic drama
The love triangle in the story by the Slovak playwright Ivan Bukovčan didn’t even have to happen. Where is the dividing line between a dream and reality? Between a lie and truth? How do we, today, hide from fear?

The story by Ivan Bukovčan A Loop for Two from the Slovak stage classics talks also about how we hide in a shell, what egotists and bitter maniacs we can be. Adapted by Zuzana Kolejáková and translated by Lucia Faltin for Bridgin‘ Drama, the play is directed by Vojtech Koleják.

Première at 7 PM on 28 February 2020 at the theatre Malá scéna on Dostojevského rad 7 in Bratislava.

Tickets via Ticketmedia.

Cast: Angelika Horváthová, Nevena Popovic, Greg Fabian, Daniel Hall
Music: Adam Dekan
Production: Bridgin’ Drama
Author: Ivan Bukovčan
Translated by: Lucia Faltin
Adaptation and dramaturgy: Zuzana Kolejáková
Concept and directed by: Vojtech Koleják