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Alan Maley: They talk … COP-out

Alan Maley: They talk … COP-out

The world burns

and they talk.

The world floods

and they talk.

The world starves

And they talk.

The world dies

And they talk.

The icebergs melt,

The glaciers shrink.

The crops shrivel.

The flowers wilt.

And they talk.

The forests expire.

The sea rises.

The air turns toxic –

A life of crises.

And they talk.

As they drown,

they talk.

As they burn,

they talk.

And as they gasp

their last,

as they die,

they still try

to have

the last word.

About the author:

Alan Maley has devoted six decades to English Language Teaching, serving as a teacher, teacher trainer, and manager. In recognition of his lifetime achievements, he was honored with the ELTons Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012. As a founding member of the IATEFL Global Issues SIG, Alan’s main interests are creative writing and global survival.