As everything else at the Bridge several people put their heads together to come up with this great idea of forming a community for both the students of “The Bridge” and anybody else who wants to come and join us. And “The Bridge Club” was born.

The purpose of the club is to build a strong community of English speakers and learners which can use this opportunity to practice and test their skills. We are hoping that this community can become an integral part of one’s English language learning as this club is not about you coming and showing off your language skills, but about creating a positive environment where we all can feel inspired to share our successes and supporting each other whenever we see someone struggling. And hopefully this will help you realize that through sharing your struggles openly, you’ll be able to keep making positive progress.

This monthly event is held at the end of every month, usually on the last Thursday in the month.

Since it has started we have had:

  1. Mystery Night (in October)
  2. Food Night (in November)
  3. Arts and Craft Night (in December)
  4. Book Club Night (in January)
  5. Movie Night (in February)

Our dear guests and students enjoyed fun and proactive activities which were chosen, developed and designed to encourage people to speak (or write) in English. But those activities were not only there for speaking and writing.

During the Mystery Night “The Bridge Club” members had to solve a murder in the classroom by using their detective skills. They all had a chance to be “detectives for the night” and solve a puzzle just like Sherlock Holmes.

During the Food Night, members were put on knife-edge with “guess the spice”. We grilled them about their culinary English. And we didn`t spoil their appetite! Indi, our teacher and an excellent cook didn`t let them die of hunger and he cooked with them, showing off his skills and testing theirs.

Just before Christmas we decided to give everyone a chance to be “an artist for a night” during our Arts and Crafts Night. If, by any chance, they didn`t feel “artistic” they could choose to be an art critic or a connoisseur. As we have English teachers (not Picassos) we divided (and conquered) our members for the night into several groups and gave each group a different task: Laura was the “Crafts teacher”, Anthony “the fine arts connoisseur” and Nena had a role of “the instructor” giving them a chance to test each other`s drawing skills and test their English when it comes to giving instructions.

After the Christmas holidays we decided to help our members with choosing the best books to get them through long, cold winter nights. What better thing to do than to grab a good book and immerse yourself in a whole new world?

We introduced short stories by Roald Dahl and (what`s the name) to the Bridge “clubbers” and added some “juicy” titles through “Ex Libris”, a card game designed to challenge people and get their creativity flowing by writing their own versions of first and last lines of the books. Second group of “clubbers” had to come up with their own stories with a little help of “story dice”.

And the latest was The Movie Night, an action packed adventure night where we encountered different movies and activities. We had charades and we used all possible means of communication to get the message across.

We had popcorn and a couple of short films which we used as discussion points, and then by the end of the evening, everyone was at the edge of their seats when we started playing “Jeopardy”! It was a night full of twists and turns!

But, our story doesn`t end here…

In March we are sharpening our words and pens for the DEBATE NIGHT!

In April TED is coming to our school, so get ready to see some IDEAS WORTH SPREADING!

In May we are inviting you to be an adventurer and an explorer during THE ADVENTURE NIGHT!


In June we are taking you on a tour of our beautiful Bratislava in the BRATISLAVA SIGHTSEEING NIGHT

So, if you liked what you`ve read here today and if you are looking for a place where you can meet new people, and share your ideas and experiences, then please, feel free to come and visit us in Bastova 7.

We are looking forward to seeing you here!

Nevena Popovič, a teacher at the Bridge