You wouldn’t pick your shoes based on their colour if the size doesn’t fit. Similarly, if a school can’t determine what you do or don’t know, it would be difficult to provide a quality tuition. It is important to have an objective initial, progress and exit test. We care about what you know and what you learn during your course.

The Bridge uses an independent online English test Find out your current level of English in the convenience of your own home, without stress or hurry.


How does work?

1, It is 100% online solution with quality content.
The tests utilize more than 20 years of know-how by a leading UK publisher of English textbooks Express Publishing and universally accepted level grading according to the European CEFR methodology (A1-C2).

2, All you need to do is login to the test and create your own user account.

3, It doesn’t test just grammar, but reading and listening as well.
It doesn’t matter if you can’t finish your test at once, don’t forget that once you have your user account, your progress will be saved, and you may resume the test later.

4, Results for grammar, reading and listening are saved separately under your user account / profile.
This helps us to match you with a course that is going to work for you.

5, We use for exit testing at course completion and because the questions are never quite the same, we can see together what you’ve learnt and where you’ve advanced to.

6, offers users an option to print their certificate at the end of the course.

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