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Wachumba is here for all the young people, which brings together the hunger for knowledge, desire to live fully and constantly discover the world around them.

In Wachumba we transform the child curiosity and will to try everything into games and fun, unforgettable memories, new experiences and growing up, getting to know oneself and  widening horizons.

In Wachumba 5-years old little Wachumbers can experience new adventures as well as 17-years old young people. They return each year, they grow up with Wachumba and they go out to the real world of adults, prepared for more challenges. A lot of them come back later as animators and instructors, who know exactly, what does it mean to live with Wachumba.

And that is, what makes Wachumba special! The simple, and at the same time strong idea, that it is needed to live fully, enjoy the youth and that everything new is just another challenge, from which one should not run away. Because of this, it is not extraordinary, that you can find children, that had spent their whole childhood with Wachumba, from 5 years to treshold of the adulthood, so they could come back later as the best animators and close the „Circle of life with Wachumba“.


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