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Patrik Cagáň

Patrik Cagáň

Patrik is from Nové Zámky, but currently based in Bratislava. He´s been teaching English for 8 years, but he was helping his classmates with English since he can remember. English has always been his hobby. He also likes travelling, meeting new people, watching movies, and listening to music.

He loves teaching English through context, using real-life situations so that students can easily use the language in those same situations. He is also a language learner and that helps him understand the joys and struggles that his students go through.

He dislikes boring routines and, since no two lessons can ever be the same, the variety and changes are what motivate and make teaching continue to be enjoyable for him.

Patrik is confident, communicative, sociable, and open-minded. He likes learning new things, looking for sources, and being immersed in discussion with interesting people.