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Mark Andrews

Mark Andrews


Mark Andrews worked as a teacher trainer at Eötvös Loránd University Budapest Hungary for 15 years in the Department of English Applied Linguistics, before that he taught in the German Democratic Republic, Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic.

He has been living and working in Central/Eastern Europe for 40 years now, 12 of which were as an ELT methodology teacher and advisor with the British Council. For six years he was involved in a language and culture project with Secondary School teachers in Hungary which resulted in a text book for teenagers “Zoom In”.

He was co-ordinator of the IATEFL Hungary Culture and Literature Special Interest Group for 5 years and is a big supporter of teacher associations in the Central and Eastern European region. He worked for SOL (Sharing One Language) for 10 years both in Devon and in this region as a teacher trainer, teacher on student courses and course and materials developer.

He now works freelance and in the last year has been teaching week long courses for teenagers in Austrian schools for “English in Action”. He enjoys coming to Slovakia a lot and co-ran four summer camps in Čadca, Stará Turá and Šamorin on a boat on the Danube.