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General English course

This course is ideal for professionals who wish to improve their English in the shortest possible time. We guarantee efficient and lively lessons with individual approach and variety of effective learning methods.
Teacher will be assigned


1 to 4 weeks


Monday to Friday 9:00-16:30


group tuition in person

Number of students

6-8 students


Overview of available dates

Selecting a specific course is done at point of purchase

Monday to Friday

1. week
01.07.2024 - 05.07.2024
2. week
08.07.2024 - 12.07.2024
3. week
15.07.2024 - 19.07.2024
4. week
22.07.2024 - 26.07.2024

About course

The main goal is to make you feel confident using English.

General English is a highly practical course, where experienced teachers will train you in all
our communication skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. It will give you a practical understanding of the English language and take you all the way to fluency. We use dynamic teaching methods and engaging materials to deliver measurable results. Regular assessment and evaluation ensure effective learning.

The course has these main parts:*
skills (listening, reading, writing)

*There are different teachers for each part in order to achieve the maximum efficiency.


As soon as we receive your contact details we will get in touch and facilitate your enrolment process to make sure it´s smooth and the group you are joining fits your needs. Groups are formed based on short personal interviews and results of complex online testing (grammar, vocabulary, reading and listening).  We believe that in order to provide quality and efficient language training the group needs to share goals and have the same language ability and level.

If you are interested in accommodation and airport transfer, please contact us at: study@thebridge.sk

Who is the course for

The course is suitable for students at levels A1 to C1. The general focus of the course is on all skills equally while also taking into account the personal needs of individual participants.

What you will get from this course?


  • You will become more confident in communication.
  • You will “clean up” your grammar.
  • You will be able to read even more difficult texts with improved comprehension.
  • You will improve your English communication skills

Experience what The Bridge has to offer

Experience European quality at The Bridge. Our school prioritizes the quality of teaching, backed by international accreditations from EAQUALS and EMCC, as well as a collaboration with TrackTest.eu. At The Bridge, you can expect an individualized approach even in group courses.

We boast an international team of highly educated professionals certified to teach English as a foreign language. Our internal assessment system for tutors aligns with the exacting standards of the Cambridge English Teaching Framework.

At The Bridge, we not only teach you English but also guide you in learning it effectively. In addition to the course, you will have access to our well-equipped library, workshops, webinars, and numerous complimentary activities designed for your benefit.


Teacher will be assigned

Our goal is to provide language training for different professions and for all language levels.

The Bridge English Language Centre specializes in English language teaching. We offer various themed courses, at different times and in different forms. Our students are well prepared for Cambridge University exams. We actively prepare students for Business English certificates, international legal English certificates, first English certificates, advanced language certificates, and more.


For all our clients we provide the following services

  • Students´ learning style
  • Student needs analysis
  • Recources for self-study and library
  • Refreshments provided for face-to-face lessons on the premises
  • Tuition / 30 lessons (45min)
  • Needs analysis
  • Complete study materials
  • Effective learning (workshop)
  • The Bridge Certificate


1 week
  • Tuition / 30 lessons (45min)
  • Needs analysis
  • Complete study materials
  • Effective learning (workshop)
  • The Bridge Certificate
  • ---
  • ---
480 €
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2 weeks
  • Tuition / 30 lessons (45min)
  • Needs analysis
  • Complete study materials
  • Effective learning (workshop)
  • The Bridge Certificate
  • ---
960 €
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4 weeks
  • Tuition / 30 lessons (45min)
  • Needs analysis
  • Complete study materials
  • Effective learning (workshop)
  • The Bridge Certificate
  • ---
1920 €
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Thanks to our teacher, we are all really motivated to learn. We improve and move forward really quickly.
Janka Bérešová