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Communication and coaching techniques

Clear and effective communication is a key skill for any manager. To master it is a challenge even in our mother tongue, let alone in English.

Communication and coaching techniques

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B2 – Intermediate,C1 – Advanced
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Tuesday 14:00-15:00
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Professional English


online workshop
The Bridge


24.08.2021 - 24.08.2021

About course

Improve your English communication techniques and learn how coaching can add to your communication portfolio.
This on-line interactive seminar will look at the current challenges to smoother cooperation within your team. It’ll also give you tools to facilitate greater connection of your team to their motivation, vision, and skills. We will show that many of the communication skills that are necessary for coaching can be used to assist your work team function more effectively such as building trust, listening and clarity. If you have to communicate frequently in English – this is a must.
We are not expecting you all to be interested in all becoming a professional coach but to add to your skillset. The end result will be more effectiveness. In a study of the benefits of using coaching at work 86% of people coached reported more confidence and 70% produced better work performance.
However, we are also offering the possibility of acquiring a formal coaching qualification.
This qualification may have a magical side effect- the improvement of your English,in a way that is relevant to your workplace context.

Mike Shreeve

Mike Shreeve served as a school director and an HR manager. His management experience became useful in his current professional training role, where he acts as a coach and a mentor to managers and HR professionals. He has designed the NLP and Coaching Skills, and the Teaching Students with Special…
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  • Our company has had expectations towards the course curriculum as well as teacher skills beyond the stadard ones, however the Bridge fulfils our needs and delivers the course wee need, to our full satisfaction. I appreciate their professional communication, truly tailor made courses upon request.