Here it comes again! Our English-speaking theatre Bridgin‘ Drama has been preparing a new play – a parody on narrow-mindedness and political morality called Just Another Cup of Tea.

The Premiere at Vecko theatre
The play is based on Ivan Stodola´s play Tea at Mr. Senator´s and its opening night is on June 2, 2016 (7pm, Vecko theatre, SNP square no. 12) in Bratislava. The following performances have been scheduled for June 10 and June 25 in Studio 12 at Jacob´s square no. 12 in Bratislava. You can purchase tickets on the Bridgin Drama´s website.

The parody on narrow-mindedness and political morality
The play´s main protagonist is Mr. Peach, a funeral director, who is pushed by his wife to enter into politics and becomes a puppet in the hands of some mighty people. What follows is a series of machinations and dirty tricks. In the end of the day, it’s the masses who are left holding the bill.

The director of JUST ANOTHER CUP OF TEA, Vojtech Koleják, is a graduate of the Academy of Performing Arts. The roles will be performed by the actors from the USA, UK, Greece and Slovakia.

One of the sponsors of the production is a tea company – TEEKANNE and online page You can find more information on our web